Ana Berenice Diaz-Paredes Ceballos

Consul General of Mexico in Vancouver

Born in Mexico City on December 10th, 1968. In May 2013.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Universidad Iberoamericana, obtaining honorary mention in her thesis entitled “Human Rights Conference: The treatment of the subject in the New International Context”, winner of the First Contest for the best thesis of Human Rights in 1995, summoned by the National Commission of Human Rights.

Berenice Diaz Ceballos, was designated as Head Consul in Oxnard, California in May 2013 and ended in June 2016. She has held various positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. In 2005 she was appointed as Chief of Staff to the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs responsible for the political relationship between Mexico and countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. In this capacity she served also as Sous-Sherpa of Mexico for the Group of Five (G5) and since 2007 as Sous-Sherpa for the Group of 20 (G20), including during Mexico’s presidency in 2012.

She also was Deputy Director General for Global Issues, area responsible for coordinating Mexican international policy in multilateral and region fora on gender equality, human rights of persons with disabilities, migration, indigenous people, environment and natural resources, sustainable development, drugs control, the fight against corruption and crime prevention issues. Previously she held various positions in the General Direction of the United Nations dealing with political, economic, human rights and humanitarian affairs.

She has participated as head of delegation and member of the Mexican Delegation in many events, international conferences, formal and informal groups of negotiation. She has been a Career Diplomat since 1998.

In the academic area, she has taken several courses in International Relations.

She is married since 1994.