Some of the benefits of being part of the Mexican Global Network of BC as an Active Partner are:

I.- The Network is recognized as an organization that groups committed and capable Mexicans in strategic areas of the knowledge economy
II.- Building synergies that enhance your professional and / or entrepreneurial activities
III.- Individual and collective growth, adding and sharing your knowledge with the members of the Network
IV.- Being part of a global organization with more than 56 chapters around the world, where the interest converges to support each other and to support Mexico from BC
V.- A space to make new friends through knowledge
VI.- To be part of the critical mass of Mexicans who from the outside seeks to contribute to their growth
VII.- Active members are recognized with an electronic membership certificate that recognizes them as active members of the network
VIII.- Active members are entitled to preferential quotas on network events
IX.- Active members are included in the directory that is published on the network website in the Active Partners section, along with their basic job and company information. Entrepreneurs or business owners who are active partners are granted the benefit of linking the name of your company to your website.
X.- Likewise, during the events and networks, the active partners will be given a brief space to present their companies.
XI.- Minuteman Press will be honour 15% discount on printing services and 250 free business cards on first order.