Red Global MX-BC Chapter 2017

Francisco Javier Barajas


Francisco Javier is owner of TIPS Interior Décor, Inc. He born in Mexico and has a Title in Industrial Psychology as well earn the certificates on Bilingual Cultural teacher, Interior Decorator and Competent Communicator.

He currently holds the positions of President of the Mexican Global Network of BC. He is part of the Cultural Communities Advisory Committee of the City of Vancouver y representative of the Advisory Committee of Cultural Committee at the Civic Assets Naming Committee at the City of Vancouver, BC Canada.

He is the founder and president of “Lazos Hispanos” a Spanish Community School, he is at the Board of the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival (VLAFF), Vancouver Latin American Cultural Center (VLACC). In the past he hold the Presidency of the Association of Mexicans Living Abroad of BC (ACCIME) and the Mexican Business Association, and was part of the board of Flamenco Rosario association just to mention some.

He has advocated for and developed initiatives that are beneficial not just for the Latino community, but for the LGBTQ communities as well. He is a strong supporter of the Out in Schools Program (which strives to create safe learning environments and respect for the full spectrum of diversity in schools) and the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

Francisco Javier has been nominated for the 10 most influential Latinos in Canada, for the City of Vancouver Awards of Excellence in the category of Diversity and Inclusion, and has received recognition in 2014 by the Institute of Mexicans Abroad by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and in 2015 he received the Inspirational Latino Award.

Francisco Javier is happily married for twenty years; He and Kasey have 33 nieces and nephews which he try to keep in touch most of the time; as hobbies he likes to paint on watercolor; enjoy crafting, reading and out side sports.

Oscar Malpica

Oscar Malpica

Vice President

Oscar is an innovation and change management professional with multi- industry experience in innovation management, technology research and digital storytelling. He is the founder and CEO of one of the first innovation consulting firms in Vancouver, Envisioning Labs and currently leads a 1300+ member innovation community in collaboration with Microsoft, the Vancouver Innovation Labs.

He works with corporate clients, community innovators, researchers and educators to foster innovation as a practice that can and should be embraced by corporate Canada.

Previous posts in his career include leading corporate innovation teams in Microsoft in Asia and North America, establishing commercial links between China and Canada during his tenure at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, leading marketing initiatives for the Norwegian multinational Norske Skog and overseeing multimedia projects in West Africa for the United Nation Volunteers.

He is currently the vice President of Innovation and Technology for the Global MX, British Columbia chapter, a network of global Mexican talent. Oscar holds a Master’s degree of Applied Science from the University of Toronto and a diploma on Technology Growth Strategies from BCIT.

Paola Levy


Paola se desempeña como Secretaria de la Red Global MX, capitulo British Columbia. Actualmente trabaja para WorkBC, como Consejera de empleo y apoyo administrativo.

Egresada de la Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas de la Universidad Iberoamericana, León, México.

En México se desempeñó como Coordinadora de Recursos Humanos en General Electric y como Auxiliar de Reclutamiento y Selección de Personal en General Motors, Planta Silao, Guanajuato.

Al emigrar a Canadá trabajo para la agencia de estudiantes Kim Okran International Students Center, apoyando estudiantes latinos y asesorando en el asentamiento de nuevos inmigrantes en BC.

Durante su estancia en la agencia Paola Levy promovió la cultura Mexicana apoyando en la organización de los festejos de la Independencia de México en 2001 y 2002, con un una asistencia promedio de 1,200 invitados en el Centro Cultural Croata en Vancouver. Así como también colaboró durante estos tres años con el periódico El Milenio, como reportera escribiendo acerca de los eventos sociales y culturales, de 2006 a 2008, en la ciudad de Vancouver, BC.

Trabajó en Pera College como Gerente de Mercadotecnia, donde apoyo con el tradicional evento del Día de los Muertos, coordinadose con el CCIMEE Consejo Consultivo Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior de BC, el 2 de Noviembre de 2012. Así como también, colaboró con el Consulado Mexicano en el Mexican Fest 2012, con la exhibición artística del arte de Oaxaca 2012.

Laboró para Latincouver como Coordinadora de Recursos Humanos y Voluntarios trabajando en el festival Carnaval del Sol 2014 y 2015, promoviendo los eventos de LCPN, the Latin American Professional Network, el evento the Inspirational Latin Awards 2015, así como también colaborando con la organización del evento The 10 most influential Hispanics in Canada en Noviembre 2014 en Vancouver, BC.

Trabajó para ISS of BC Immigrant Services Society of BC, asesorando estudiantes internacionales, apoyando nuevos inmigrantes en el proceso de mejorar su nivel de inglés y en el desarrollo de estrategias para encontrar un empleo en el mercado laboral de BC.

Jade Hernandez


I was born in Victoria, Mexico, and lived there until her early 20’s. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a Major in Marketing and Journalism from the University of Nuevo Leon.
I first became interested in Real Estate when worked as a Financial Advisor at HSBC. I honed interpersonal and listening skills and learned to explain complex legal and financial concepts clearly. My time with HSBC also reiterated the necessity for discretion, ethical and professional approach to work.
As someone who immigrated within the last 10 years, I understand not only the legal side of the relocation process, but also the community side of the process. I recognize the need for community and a sense of belonging and I have found community in Victoria in the form of friends and family, through church, and the vibrant Mexican community.
In addition to my educational and professional experience, I have always had a personal interest in design, photography, and entertaining. Birthdays, holidays, and dinner parties are the perfect opportunity for to be my interpersonal self, and for me to experience the satisfaction of creating a vision and seeing that vision realized.
I became a licensed REALTOR® in 2015, with 15+ years experience in the sales and hospitality industries transitioning into Real Estate felt so natural.
I joined the DFH Real Estate office, am very proud to be part of an organization that has such a first-class reputation in providing exceptional Real Estate services to Victoria for over 50 years.
DFH is a proud member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, a very prestigious honour reserved for top Real Estate Firms.

Ezequiel Gonzalez


I strongly believe that one of the main areas where Professionals must always focus in order to succeed is Customer Satisfaction. This will lead to a better and healthier work environment as well as Customer Appreciation.

As per my work experience, I would like to mention that it has always been related to Marketing, Customer Service and the Education Industry, reason why, throughout the years I had develop the necessary skills and sensitivity to relate and effectively communicate with people from different education, culture, ethnicity or religion.

I have experience as a Student Coordinator, Marketing Advisor, ESL teacher among other interesting jobs that had fulfill me with a strong attitude towards change, adaptation and multiculturalism.

Currently, I am working as the Coordinator of Market Development in Acsenda School of Management, division of Sprott Shaw College Corporation, subsidiary of CIBT Education Group.

My duties, among others, have been on recruitment of International Students from emerging Markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia, reason why I feel highly motivated in understanding different cultures and working environments.

Below, I enlist some of my areas of Expertise:

• Marketing Strategies
• Recruitment
• Admissions
• Retention
• International Students Services
• Home-stay arrangements

Liliana Esparza


I am a Real Estate Professional in the Metro Vancouver Area. Real Estate is my lifetime passion. Being a longtime resident of Vancouver has given me a sense of perspective and a sense of pride to see our region grow. My background in the Construction field has provided me with a higher level of expertise. My objective is to use my knowledge to provide the highest level of service in order to achieve my client’s goals.

Ivonne Navas Penit


Ivonne holds the position of Director of Education for the Red Global México-Canada BC Chapter and General Director for her company “Explore I.D.E.A.S. Immigration & Education”, which offers Immigration to Canada, Education around the world and student services through her designation as an International Education Specialist and Licensed, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).
Her professional development in the Education field is extensive and includes service to public and private educational institutions and education agencies in Canada, USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
She graduated from “ITESM (Institute of Technology and Higher Education)” in Mexico with a scholarship awarded by the university for academic excellence. Her major is in Media and Communications with a Marketing specialization. Her studies continued in Canada with leadership and business programs from the BCIT “British Columbia Institute of Technology”, a certificate in Immigration Law from the “University of British Columbia” and learning of foreign languages in Germany, France and Brazil.
In Mexico, she worked at different departments of the University ITESM until she emigrated to Canada, where she worked in various administrative and managerial positions in the areas of admissions, marketing, recruitment, student services and consulting for private and public educational institutions including language schools, vocational and higher education.
She is an active volunteer and entrepreneur advocating for strategic alliances with non profits, businesses and governmental institutions to benefit local and international education initiatives.
Community Education has always played a key role in Ivonne’s life, no matter where her residence was. Her contributions in this field are generous and include educational, multicultural and environmental programs for children, youth and adults from diverse ethnicities.
Ivonne shares her passion for internationalization by helping foreign nationals fulfill their dreams by exploring their goals through educational and immigration pathways.