Jade Hernandez


I was born in Victoria, Mexico, and lived there until her early 20’s. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a Major in Marketing and Journalism from the University of Nuevo Leon.
I first became interested in Real Estate when worked as a Financial Advisor at HSBC. I honed interpersonal and listening skills and learned to explain complex legal and financial concepts clearly. My time with HSBC also reiterated the necessity for discretion, ethical and professional approach to work.
As someone who immigrated within the last 10 years, I understand not only the legal side of the relocation process, but also the community side of the process. I recognize the need for community and a sense of belonging and I have found community in Victoria in the form of friends and family, through church, and the vibrant Mexican community.
In addition to my educational and professional experience, I have always had a personal interest in design, photography, and entertaining. Birthdays, holidays, and dinner parties are the perfect opportunity for to be my interpersonal self, and for me to experience the satisfaction of creating a vision and seeing that vision realized.
I became a licensed REALTOR® in 2015, with 15+ years experience in the sales and hospitality industries transitioning into Real Estate felt so natural.
I joined the DFH Real Estate office, am very proud to be part of an organization that has such a first-class reputation in providing exceptional Real Estate services to Victoria for over 50 years.
DFH is a proud member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, a very prestigious honour reserved for top Real Estate Firms.