Michele Vincenti

President and CEO at Alvana Business Consulting Inc

Launched a successful consulting firm to assist businesses / financial institutions in integrating creative solutions and enhancing their leadership teams to meet goals by operating more effectively. Draw from a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to provide services to some of the largest institutions worldwide; specialize in financial consulting. Highly skilled in the areas of Personal Finance, Operations, Corporate Leadership, Change Management, Human Organizational Systems, International Business, Mergers and Acquisitions, Service Marketing, Project Management, and cultural diversity. Intensely collaborate with C-Level management team members to define strategic goals / processes and learn how to manage the value chain for various strategic decisions.

Built a thriving and profitable business on a good reputation and word-of-mouth.
Expertise in managing relationships and aiding companies during the difficult challenges that accompany organizational change. Experienced in degree-granting process to establish post-secondary institution in Canada.
Valuable exposure to strategic business planning with a focus on international development. Past industry sector experience encompasses various industries including the natural resources and forestry sectors.