Process to become a member

The integration process to be a member of the organization is as follows:

  •  Request and elaborate the affiliation format. Please send us an email to to share the affiliation format that needs to be developed as part of the process. In this format we ask for some personal information to be in contact with you as well as to share the reasons why you are interested in being part of the organization.
  •  Along with the affiliation format send us your Semblanza or LinkedIn profile. Send us a short summary that allows us to know a little more about your professional background, work experience, education and other relevant aspects that you consider. If you have linkedin profile that is another option. Both the form of affiliation and the semblance we ask you to send them to the email: or through the member of the board that would have been the conduit for your interest in being part of the network
  • Process of auscultation and notification. Upon receipt of the information, it will be processed and turned over to the board for analysis and approval, and will be given notice within an average of one week.
  • Payment of membership. After your acceptance as a member of the Network we would ask you to make a payment of $ 50 dollars, which is the annual membership fee approved for the year 2017.
  • Certificate. After receiving your payment you will receive a certificate electronically that from official testimony of your registration as an active member of the Network.

Any issues related to the process of integration to the Network write to us at: