Volunteers will:

  • Participate and contribute in all areas of activities related to the events or actions dictate by the Executive and or another committee’s involvement.
  • Provide creative and respectful input to deliberations of the Executive Team.
  • Take on and fulfill specific tasks related to execution of activities and reaching goals set and agreed to or by/ with the Executive Team.
  • Be continually aware of actions, which could impact on the reputation of the association or the outcomes of the Red Global MX de BC’s work.
  • Ensure that comprehensive records are shared with team members to assist in reaching goals and to inform subsequent work.
  • Report to the Executive Team, or Committee Chairs and fellow members on assigned tasks regularly or in a timely or agreed to manner.


Volunteer team members is expected to make a basic commitment of 5 to 10 hours per month including; work, meetings and time contributed as a volunteer with events and activities. For a minimum period of 6 months

Volunteer members will hold non-voting privileges.
Duties, roles or responsibilities will be determinate by the Executive Team, or Chair of the committee or by the leading person of the project-task-event.
May be request to provide an activities report to be granted a letter for their volunteer service by the Red Global MX of BC.